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8am to 9pm. Mon - Sat.


668 N Coast Hwy #1238
Laguna Beach Ca 92651
fax 949-340-8016
We accept
Major Credit Cards & Paypal

We service all your container and freight needs
California pickup locations include Long Beach, Carson, Wilmington and Oakland
Other pickup locations at ports throughout the continental USA
We also BUY containers. Contact us for details.

We sell all sizes and types of high-quality used cargo shipping containers at deep discount prices

Volume pricing available for 6 or more units ordered at one time

SUPER QUICK 24hr delivery to most locations

Same day delivery usually available
Monday - Friday; please call by 10am

Weekend delivery available; please call by Friday 10am
Long-distance/out of state delivery available; please call

Our used shipping containers are
wind tight
water tight
have working doors, seals and latches
have marine plywood floors in good condition

Also available;
refrigerated units ( 20 foot & 40 foot)
40 foot high cube (9.5 feet high)
45 foot high cube (9.5 feet high)
one trip units

We can turn a container into a home!

Click Here to see what we can do for you.

Available Options
roll-up doors (various widths)
lock boxes
reinforced steel man doors

Refurbishing used units & Painting
available at reasonable pricing.
Ocean Container Specifications
45' High Cube Container
Interior Length 13.582 m 44' 6 1/2"
Interior Width 2.340 m 7' 8"
Interior Height 2.690 m 8' 10"
Door Opening Width 2.347 m 7' 8 1/4"
Door Opening Height 2.584 m 8' 5 3/4"
Tare 4,110 kgs 9,061 lbs
Cubic Capacity 85.7 cbm 3,026 cft
Payload 20,000 kgs 44,000 lbs

40' High Cube Container
Container 2
Interior Length 12.056 m 39' 6 1/2"
Interior Width 2.340 m 7' 8"
Interior Height 2.684 m 8' 9 1/2"
Door Opening Width 2.347 m 7' 8 1/4"
Door Opening Height 2.585 m 8' 5 3/4"
Tare 3,084 kgs 6,799 lbs
Cubic Capacity 76.0 cbm 2,684 cft
Payload 20,000 kgs 44,000 lbs

40' Dry Freight Container
Container 3
Interior Length 12.051 m 39' 6 1/2"
Interior Width 2.286 m 7' 6"
Interior Height 2.380 m 7' 9 1/2"
Door Opening Width 2.340 m 7' 8"
Door Opening Height 2.278 m 7' 5 1/2"
Tare 2,900 kgs 6,393 lbs
Cubic Capacity 67.3 cbm 2,377 cft
Payload 20,000 kgs 44,000 lbs

20' Dry Freight Container
Container 4
Interior Length 5.919 m 19' 5"
Interior Width 2.286 m 7' 6"
Interior Height 2.380 m 7' 9 1/2"
Door Opening Width 2.340 m 7' 8"
Door Opening Height 2.278 m 7' 5 1/2"
Tare 1,900 kgs 4,189 lbs
Cubic Capacity 33.0 cbm 1,165 cft
Payload 15,000 kgs 33,000 lbs
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